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Ever wondered how we develop stunning products? It takes hard work, but at Awkbit, we are always in for challenges. We base our methodology on the Agile life cycle. However, we added some of our spice to make it most effective; we work with continuous delivery.

We mainly have three phases that are divided into small ones. Before the inception — the first phase — we talk to the client (or the specialist that the client sends) to retrieve all kinds of relevant info we need for the project. We process and analyze the information, so we have a solid background to start working with.

Let’s make a parallel with constructing a new home for you. At this point, we just got the info about how many rooms and bathrooms you want, an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, and all the goodies you envision.


After we talk to our clients, it’s time to plan and organize how we will handle the project. We estimate the cost and the time length that will take us to the finish line. Once we get the green light for the project, the magic begins to happen in our software factory.

We build the project architecture and start working on a mock-up of the user interface. We sort the work items on a list, making the highest-priority ones on top of it and sending them to the different departments involved.

Think of this phase as making the blueprints for your new house. Once the blueprint is approved, we are all set to get the materials. I can already feel that refreshing swimming pool!


Our sprints last for two weeks, mostly. After each sprint is finished, we iterate to find ways to empower what we are doing. We have daily meetings where we talk about at which point we are on this particular project, where we want to go, and general feedback and learning.

Once we are satisfied with our product and fulfill the top items on our list, we get a new meeting with the client. It’s called a Demo. We show the stakeholders what we’ve done so far. During this phase, they can change requests or add more features to the project. If they give us the go-ahead signal, we keep advancing to the next item on our list. However, if they decide to change something, we go back and iterate again until the demands are satisfied. We always show the client where we are.

Let’s go back to the house: at this phase, we deliver and take notes of your final inputs about your future home. The foundation is done and presented to you. If you are satisfied, we keep working on the walls, but if you don’t, we rebuild a new base. After the foundation and walls are done, it’s time to build the roof and the main door. If you don’t like the roof, we build a new one — our devs are great roofers! What? The swimming pool? Oh, it’s not done yet! We need to make your home fit to live in, yet! That’s what a consumable solution is all about.


Every time we deliver, it’s a consumable solution. If the client accepts the work, we release the solution into production.

Once we finish developing, we test the product several times to find errors or weaknesses. That’s the QA or quality assurance. We release the product in our live — but not open to the public — server and make the last adjustments before showing it to the stakeholders. If everything is fine and the client doesn’t have other requests, we launch the final product on their server. Of course, the client can request to add some new features that we can continue working on without affecting the product we just launched.

Let’s go back to the house again! Did you love the walls but don’t like the color of the paint? Don’t worry! We can repaint it. However, the house, as it is, it’s totally habitable. Bring on the mover’s truck! Time to fill up that swimming pool!

Our methodology

We believe in long-term relationships with our clients. Now you know how we work, do you want to talk to us about your new project? Don’t hesitate and give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

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